My Silly Little Confessions by Vivika Widow (review)

When I was first saw the concept for MSLC I thought it’s not really the most original idea. A serial killer on the loose has been done before many times. It’s not quite as cliché as vampires or zombies mind you but it isn’t the most cutting edge theme to go with.

I gave it a try because Vivika Widow’s books are always enjoyable. I was thrilled to find, where it lacked in originality in the concept it completely made up for with witty dialogue, thrilling prose and an overall story that was engaging and well worth reading more than once. I found myself so engrossed in it I managed to finish the book in the space of a couple of days. Normally a book of that size takes me at least three.

I do recommend it to those who are fans of serial killer stories. (I know there are a lot of thriller readers out there who are). I also recommend it to those who like comedy with a bit of bite. You will find yourself laughing when you know you really shouldn’t be.

Shout out to my girl Vivika. Great job!


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