Maestro by Vivika Widow (review)

So everyone is raving about the latest thriller ‘Maestro’ from Vivika Widow. I have been addicted to thriller books since I was twelve (teen and preeteen of course). I have read them in all varieties so how did Maestro compare? Well ahead contains some spoilers … You have been warned.

Maestro was written in such an eloquent way it actually made you feel smarter. In years to come I am quite sure Vivika Widow will be one of the authors that you choose to read in public so you look intelligent. However the beauty of maestro, as nicely worded as it was, is it didn’t give you a headache or have you reaching for a thesaurus (thanks for that Henry James). It flowed brilliantly and the plot was so engaging from the outset it was difficult to put down.

Murder, intrigue, investigations it had all the best elements of a thriller book but with that wicked vw touch that makes her writing quite unique.

As The main character, music teacher Vincent Baines, is drawn more and more into the murderous back ground of the Beckingridge family you find yourself trying to call him back and egg him on at the same time. A plot that seems quite black and white on the surface twists, turns and weaves itself into one of the best books iv read this year or are likely to read.


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