Red Snow by Vivika Widow (review)

Red Snow is the first book by Vivika Widow. It is her attempt at bringing the fairytale theme into the new age. Did she deliver? Definitely YES.

There have been so many rehashes over the years of classic stories like red riding hood etc. not to mention the many of them that have been made into movies and tv shows so just when I thought it was about to get as bad as the vampires all over the place I was relieved to read Red Snow which cleverly uses the structure of a fairy tale but brings to life a whole new set of characters and themes.

It is engaging from the beginning and very well written with enthusiasm from the author. It is dark without being over the top and a good balance between action and intrigue.

The only problem I had with Red Snow was that some of the plot points came across as being a little abrupt. However, this was very rare and since this was Vivika Widow’s début book I’m sure she would have perfected her narrative as time went on. It isn’t as brassy as Game of Thrones but that is no bad thing.

Just like fairytales are still re written and played out in ways directors and writers think are ‘unique’ I’m sure Red Snow will be with us for time to come. Personally, I hope so.



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